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Google Now
Find whatever you’re looking for with Google Now. Google Now tailors your
search options over time, learning your preferences, and making more accurate
predictions for your needs. Google Now will also keep track of what you’re doing
and appear when you need it, like showing the next appointment on your calendar
and what the traffic is like to get to it.
Performing a Search
Press and hold . You can type in search terms, or say “OK Google” to begin a
voice search.
You will see results for your search. To search images, places, and more, tap an
option on the bar at the bottom of the screen. For additional web results, simply
scroll down the screen.
Changing Search Settings
Open the Google app and tap > Settings to set Google Now, phone search
options, voice recognition and output settings, and to change privacy settings for
your account.
Tap > APPS > Google+. After signing in to your Google account, you can
connect with friends and family on Google+.
Google+ allows you to set up circles of people to organize them into groups for
sharing content. You can create hangouts for group or 1-on-1 chats, upload photos
and videos, and much more.
Tap > APPS > Maps. Google Maps helps you find your location, local
businesses, explore unfamiliar places, and get directions to your destinations.
Play Store
Tap > Play Store. Google Play Store gives you access to thousands of free
and paid apps, games, books and magazines, music, movies, and TV programs.
Navigating Play Store
In the Play Store, there are multiple ways to search for apps, games and more.
• Tap a category to browse popular apps, games, movies, and more, organized by
popularity or category.
• Tap to search the Play Store for a specific item, such as a game or app.
• To install an app, tap the app and follow instructions. Once installed, you will
see a notification in the status bar. Open the app from this notification in the
Notifications panel or by locating the app in the APPS tab of the home screen.
NOTE: You must set up a payment method, such as Google Wallet™, to
purchase apps.
Adding a Password
You can prevent unauthorized purchases from the Play Store by adding a
password protection.
Open the Play Store app and tap > Settings > Require authentication for
Tap the option you want to use, then enter the Google password and tap OK.
Voice Search
Find what you’re looking for by speaking your search terms into your device.
View videos and share your own with your friends, family, and the world.
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