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Device Settings
In Sound settings, you can adjust volumes, toggle sound and mute modes, set up
notification ringtones, and turn on/off touch sounds or screen lock sounds.
You can also turn on silent mode by pressing the Volume Down Button when no
media file is being played until appears in the status bar. When mute mode is
on, all sounds except media are turned off.
Brightness: Set the brightness of the display.
Wallpaper: Select a background image for the lock screen.
Auto-rotate screen: Allow your ZTE Spro 2 to automatically change the
orientation of some on-screen content based on the position of the device.
Sleep: Set the length of time of inactivity before the screen turns off
Font size: Set the font size of the text on the screen.
Pulse notification light: Turn on the LED indicator light to notify you of new
events, such as the arrival of a new Gmail messages.
Touch key light duration: This feature lets you control the backlight of the
touch keys (the Home Key, the Back Key, and the Menu Key). Set the backlight
duration to one of the following:
Last 2 seconds/Last 5 seconds: The touch keys light for 2 or 5 seconds each
time you touch the screen or touch keys while the screen is turned on.
Always on: Keep the touch keys' backlight on while the screen is turned on.
Always off: Turn off the touch keys' backlight.
Power key light: Enable or disable the backlight beneath the Power Button.
Check memory information for your internal storage and the microSD card as well
as the USB device when they are available.
You can choose the default location for new data, such as files downloaded and
voice recordings. Tap Save location and select Device or SD card to store items in
the internal storage or the installed microSD card.
Tap Unmount SD card to unmount the microSD card from your device so that you
can safely remove the card while the device is on. Tap Erase external SD card to
delete all data on the microSD card.
Check how much power the battery has left and what apps are using the most
battery power.
You can tap an app to adjust its settings in order to save battery life.
USB Mode
Select your USB connection type between your ZTE Spro 2 and PC. See
Connecting to Networks and Devices – Connecting to Your Computer via USB –
Connecting Your ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector to a Computer via USB.
Manage your accounts and synchronization. Tap Add account to sign in or create
accounts on your ZTE Spro 2.
Tap an added account type to see the accounts of that type you have added and
adjust the account type’s settings.
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