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System Settings
View and manage apps installed on your ZTE Spro 2.
Tap an app in the DOWNLOADED, RUNNING, or ALL tab to see its information.
You can stop the app, uninstall or disable the app, or clear data and cache.
To use location-related applications, such as finding your location on Google Maps,
you must have location services turned on on your device.
Tap > SETTINGS > System > Location.
Slide the Location switch at the top to turn location services on or off.
Screen lock: Disable the screen lock or enable it with long press, pattern, PIN,
or password.
Make pattern visible: Show the pattern as you draw it. This option is available
when unlock pattern is set.
Automatically lock: Set the time needed for the lock protection to be activated
after the screen turns off. This option is available when unlock pattern, PIN or
password is set.
Power button instantly locks: Lock protection is activated immediately when
you press the Power Button. This option is available when unlock pattern, PIN
or password is set.
Owner info: Set the text that you may display on the lock screen.
Encrypt device: Encrypt your data on the ZTE Spro 2 to protect your privacy.
Set up SIM card lock: Require a PIN to use device.
Make passwords visible: Display passwords as you enter them.
Device administrators: View or deactivate apps you have authorized to be
device administrators.
Unknown sources: Check this option to permit installation of apps from sources
other than the Play Store.
Verify apps: Disallow or display a warning before you install applications that
may cause harm.
Storage type: Check the credential storage type.
Trusted credentials: Display trusted CA certificates.
Install from SD card: Install certificates from the microSD card.
Clear credentials: Delete all certificates.
Backup & Reset
Back up my data: Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to
Google servers after you sign in to your Google account.
Backup account: Set the Google account that the data is backed up to.
Automatic restore: Restore previously backed up settings and data when you
reinstall an app.
Factory data reset: Reset your ZTE Spro 2 to factory default settings. All your
personal data on the internal storage will be erased. You can also erase the data
on the microSD card during the process.
Language & Input
Language: Select a language.
Spell checker: Use Android spell checker to check for spelling errors when
entering text.
Personal dictionary: Add new words to the device’s dictionary or remove words
from the dictionary. The words you add are used for spelling check and word
KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS: Configure text input settings.
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