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Voice Search:
Languages: Select the language you use when entering text by speaking or
searching by speaking.
“Ok Google” detection: When this is enabled, you can say “OK Google” when
using the Google app rather than tapping the microphone icon to initiate a
voice search or action.
Hands-free: Allow voice search and spoken notifications with the device
Speech output: Control when the device should output speeches.
Offline speech recognition: Download one or more additional language
packages so you can use speech recognition when you do not have a
network connection.
Block offensive words: Hide offensive words when you use Google voice
typing to transcribe your voice into text.
Bluetooth headset: Listen for your voice input through a Bluetooth headset
when it is connected to your device.
Text-to-speech output:
PREFERRED ENGINE: Select the speech synthesis engine you want to use or
change its settings.
Speech rate: Select how quickly you want the synthesizer to speak.
Listen to an example: Play a brief sample of the speech synthesizer, using your
current settings.
Default language status: Check whether the text-to-speech output feature
supports the current system language.
Pointer speed: Select how fast the pointer/mouse should scroll when you
connect the ZTE Spro 2 to a trackpad or mouse accessory.
Date & Time
Set date, time, time zone, and how date and time are displayed. You can also use
network-provided data.
Configure accessibility plug-ins on your ZTE Spro 2, such as using TalkBack for
low-vision users.
AT&T Software Update
Check for available updates for AT&T software installed on your device and
manage the update process.
About Device
View the device status, legal information and other information. You can also
update your system with an update package copied to the microSD card.
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