Getting Started
Setting Up
Installing a microSD Card (not included) or micro-SIM Card
You do not need to turn off the ZTE Spro 2 to install or remove the microSD or
micro-SIM card. However, before removing the microSD card when the device is
on, you need to unmount it. See Connecting to Networks and Devices – Connecting
to Your Computer via USB – Removing the microSD Card From Your ZTE Spro 2
Smart Projector.
Some applications may require a microSD card to work properly if it stores certain
data on it. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a microSD card installed
and do not remove or replace it unnecessarily.
The micro-SIM card is already installed. If you need to swap micro-SIM cards, the
process is similar to microSD card installation.
Turn your ZTE Spro 2 upside down. Push the point of the microSD/micro-SIM
pin into the hole on the microSD card slot.
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