Powering On/Off
Ensure that the micro-SIM card is in your device and the battery is charged.
• Press and hold the Power Button to power on your device.
• To turn it off, press and hold the Power Button to open the options menu.
Tap Power off > OK.
Completing the Setup Screens
When you power on your device for the first time or after factory resetting it (see
Settings – System Settings – Backup & Reset), the setup screens appear to help
you set up certain features and preferences on your device.
On the welcome screen, tap the language field to select the language you want
to use and then tap Start.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network and tap Next, or tap Skip.
If prompted, set up date, time, and time zone and then tap Next. Check
Automatic date & time to synchronize date and time with the network.
Sign in to or create a Google account on your device. You can also tap
Not now, but you must link your device to a Google account to use certain
Google applications.
Review the options for Google services and make any changes. Then tap .
Configure the Google location options and tap Next.
Enter the owner name for the device to personalize some apps, or leave the
fields blank. Then tap .
Tap Next to accept the terms of Google services and privacy policy.
Tap Finish to complete the setup.
Switching to Sleep Mode
To save battery power, you can press the Power Button to switch your device to
sleep mode. The screen will be turned off and unresponsive to tapping but other
functions will still work.
Your device also goes into sleep mode by itself after a period of inactivity. You can
set how long the time should be in SETTINGS > Device > Display > Sleep.
Waking Up Your Device
Press the Power Button to turn on the screen.
Press and hold the screen to unlock it.
NOTE: If you have set an unlock pattern, PIN, or password for the device (see
Settings – System Settings – Security), you’ll need to draw the pattern or enter the
PIN/password to unlock the screen.
Restarting Your ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector
If the screen freezes or takes too long to respond, try pressing and holding the
Power Button for about 10 seconds to restart the device.
Turning On/Off the Projector
You can use the projector embedded in your
ZTE Spro 2 to project pictures onto large surfaces.
There are several ways that you can turn the projector
on and off.
• Swipe up on the screen with three fingers to turn on
and swipe down on the screen with three fingers to
turn off.
• Swipe down on the status bar from the top of the
screen and tap Projector below Control Switch.
• Press and hold the Power Button and tap
Turn on projector or Turn off projector.
From the APPS tab of the home screen,
tap Settings > Projector and tap the
switch next to Projector. You can also
open the Projector settings screen from
the SETTINGS tab of the home screen.
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