Instruction manual
Package contents
1 x KVM switch
1 x universal power adapter (NA, EU, UK, ANZ)
4 x rubber pads
1 x instruction manual
System requirements
Display device (for example, monitor, TV, and so on) equipped with DisplayPort 1.2
Computer system and video card enabled with DisplayPort 1.2
Computer system enabled with USB
Standard 104-key wired USB keyboard
Standard wired USB mouse
3.5 mm mini-jack microphone and/or speakers or headset (optional)
Note: This KVM switch supports DisplayPort 1.2 and earlier. However, to achieve
maximum resolution, you need to use a display device and computer system that
support DisplayPort 1.2.
The maximum resolution for this KVM switch is 4K at 60Hz. In order to obtain the
maximum resolution, the monitor and computer that you’re using must support 4K at
System requirements are subject to change. For the latest requirements, please visit
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