Instruction Manual
Adjusting the signal amplication
The HDMI booster features an equalization switch with ten dierent settings. You can
use the switch to adjust the amplication of your HDMI signal, to ensure that your
HDMI signal will be perfect, even at distances up to 115 ft. (35 m).
If you’re experiencing video issues, such as no display, a blinking display or other
imperfection after you’ve completed the installation steps, you can resolve the issue
by adjusting the signal amplication. To adjust the signal amplication:
1. Insert the included screwdriver, into the equalization switch and turn the switch to
a dierent position.
2. Cycle through each of the ten positions, reviewing your display at each position,
and leave the switch in the position that produces the best video performance.
LED indicators
The HDMI booster features two LED indicators which display the booster’s current
operating status. Review the chart below to determine the signicance of the LED
LED Behavior Signicance
Power LED The blue LED
is illuminated.
The HDMI signal booster has power.
Video source LED The blue LED
is illuminated.
An HDMI video source has been
connected to the HDMI signal booster.
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