Set the Homepage
Your home page opens when you open a new browser tab, and
when you start Browser after restarting your phone.
1. Open the page you want to set as your home page.
2. Touch and hold the Recent apps key and then touch
Settings > General > Set homepage.
3. Touch Current page or one of the following options.
Blank page: Open browser tab without opening a web
page by default. This can make new browser tabs open
more quickly.
Default page: Set the factory default URL as the
Most-visited sites: Every new browser tab displays a list
of your frequently visited sites for you to choose from.
Other: Type a URL as the homepage.
Using Multiple Browser Tabs
You can open several web pages at the same time (one page in
each tab) and switch between them freely.
To open a new browser tab:
1. Touch the tabs icon at the bottom. If the icon isn’t
visible, scroll on the page to show it. The number in the icon
indicates the number of currently active browser windows.
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