2. Touch at the top right of the screen. A new browser
window opens and the homepage is loaded.
To switch between tabs:
1. Touch the tabs icon .
2. Swipe vertically to scroll through the list of opened tabs.
3. Touch the thumbnail of the tab you want to open.
Swipe a thumbnail horizontally or touch its X to close the tab.
Downloading Files
1. Touch and hold an image or a link to a file or to another
2. In the menu that opens, touch Save image or Save link.
The downloaded files are saved to your phone or the
microSDHC card. You can view or open the downloaded files in
the Downloads app ( > Downloads).
Changing Browser Settings
You can configure a number of Browser settings to customize
the way you browse the web, including several that you can use
to control your privacy.
To open the Browser settings screen, touch and hold the Recent
apps key and then touch Settings in the web page screen.
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