Number Function
1 Enable different photo-capturing modes (normal, live photo,
face beauty, panorama, and multi-angle view mode).
2 Change the camera settings.
3 Capture a video.
4 Capture a photo.
5 View photos and videos you have captured.
6 Switch between the front and back camera.
Enable the High-Dynamic Range (HDR) mode when
capturing a photo with high illumination contrast to keep
more details in both the bright and the dark areas.
8 Enable the smile detection mode and the camera will
capture the picture as it detects a smile.
You can spread or pinch on the screen to zoom in or out before
taking picture or during video recording.
3. Touch to take a photo or touch to start recording.
You can touch / to pause or continue the video
recording, or touch to save the frame as a separate
photo during video recording.
For video recording, touch to stop.
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