Face beauty: Set wrinkle removal and whitening for the
camera to beautify people’s faces in the pictures after the
face beauty mode is enabled.
Camcorder settings
EIS: Turn on the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
feature to reduce shakes of the video clips.
Microphone: Turn on or off audio when recording video
Audio mode: Set the audio mode according to different
Time lapse: Set the frame interval when recording time
lapse videos.
Video quality: Set the quality for your video.
Other settings
Store location: Select whether to store the location
information in captured picture and video files.
Exposure: Adjust the exposure. To let the camera set the
exposure automatically, touch 0.
Colour effect: Select a colour effect for pictures and
Scene mode: Manually select a scene mode with fixed
exposure, white balance and other properties that suit
your environment.
White balance: Select how the camera adjusts colours in
different kinds of light to achieve the most natural-looking
colours for your shots or allow the camera to adjust the
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