Number Function
5 Touch to toggle repeat mode: no repeat, repeat the current
song, or repeat the current playlist.
6 Touch to play the current playlist in shuffle mode, where tracks
are played in random order.
7 Touch to see the current playlist.
8 Search for music with keywords.
9 Touch for more options.
Managing Playlists
Create playlists to organize your music files into sets of songs,
so that you can play the songs you like in the order you prefer.
To add a song to a playlist or create a new playlist, touch
and hold the song and touch Add to playlist.
To delete a playlist, touch and hold a playlist and touch
To rename a playlist, touch and hold it and touch Rename.
To rearrange the songs in the playlists, touch and hold the
handle in front of a song in the playlist, drag up or down to
change its order.
The above options may not be available for certain
automatically created playlists, such as Recently added.
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