You can also touch or to switch to other channels, or
touch or to adjust the channel frequency.
Touch > Speaker to listen to the radio programs through the
phone speaker.
Recording Radio Programs
When you listen to the radio, you can record your favorite
programs and save the audio on the phone.
1. Touch > Record FM > to start recording.
2. When the program ends, touch .
3. Edit the name of the recording file and touch SAVE.
Recorded files are stored automatically in a folder (Records, for
instance) in the phone storage or microSDHC card. You can
access them with the File Manager app.
Adding a Channel to Favourites
1. Open the FM Radio app and touch to display the
channel list.
2. Touch and hold a channel and select Add to Favourites.
3. If necessary, touch the Name field to give a new name to
the channel.
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