Google Apps
Open the Google apps to use Google services.
Some contents or Google services may not be available in your
Chrome: Use the Chrome app to browse the Internet and
get your bookmarks, browsing history, and more synced
with your Google account.
Drive: Store files on Google servers for free after you sign
in to your Google account. You can access them on your
computers, your phones and other devices, share them, or
collaborate with others.
Gmail: Send and receive emails via your Gmail account or
other personal email accounts.
Google: Use Google search or get information when you
need it with Google Now.
Hangouts: Chat with Google+ friends or send text or
multimedia messages.
Maps: Find your place and find your way in the world.
Photos: Manage photos on the phone and your Google
Play Movies & TV: Purchase, download and watch the
latest and your favorite movies and TV shows.
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