The data usage is measured by your phone, and your carrier’s
data usage accounting may differ.
Touch > Network restrictions to select Wi-Fi networks that
are mobile hotspots. Data usage on recognized mobile hotspots
will be restricted to avoid high mobile data bills.
Aeroplane Mode
Touch the Home key > > Settings > More and slide the
switch beside Aeroplane mode to turn aeroplane mode on or
off. All the phone’s radios that transmit voice or data are turned
off when aeroplane mode is on.
Default SMS App
Touch the Home key > > Settings > More and touch
Default SMS app to choose the preferred application for
sending and receiving messages.
Tethering and Portable Hotspot
Touch the Home key > > Settings > More > Tethering &
portable hotspot to share your phone’s mobile data
connection with PCs or other devices via USB, Bluetooth or
Wi-Fi. See Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection.
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