Daydream: Manage the Daydream function. When
Daydream is enabled, clock, photos or animations will be
displayed as a screensaver.
Font size: Set the font size of the text on the screen.
When device is rotated: Select whether the screen
contents should rotate when the phone is rotated.
Sound & Notifications
Select a predefined profile or touch > Add to create a new
one, adjust different types of volume (see Adjusting Volume),
toggle sound, vibration and mute (see Switching to Silent
Mode), set up ringtone and notification sound (see Changing
Ringtone and Notification Sound), select system sounds (see
Turning On/Off System Sounds), control notification display, or
set sound enhancement.
The Storage settings menu lets you check memory information
for your microSDHC card and phone storage.
You can choose the default location for new data, such as files
downloaded, photos captured, and voice recorded. Under
Default write disk, select Phone storage or SD card to store
items in the phone storage or the installed microSDHC card.
Touch Unmount SD card to unmount the microSDHC card
from your phone so that you can safely remove the card while
the phone is on. Touch Erase SD card to delete all data on the
microSDHC card.
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