Enable or disable Intelligent power saving standby mode,
and check how much power remains for the battery and what
has been using the battery. You can touch an app to adjust its
settings in order to save battery life.
Touch > Battery saver to turn on or off the battery saver
feature, which reduces your phone’s performance and limits
vibration, location services and most background data to
improve battery life.
See apps installed on your phone and manage them.
Touch an app in the Downloaded, Running, or All tab to see
its information. You can disable, stop or uninstall the app, or
clear data and cache.
Not all applications can be uninstalled or disabled.
Manage the user accounts of your phone.
You can share your phone with other people by creating
additional user accounts. Each user with a separate account
has his/her own storage space, wallpaper, screen lock and so
on. Users can also adjust device settings like Wi-Fi that affect
everyone and update apps for all other users.
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