By default, a Guest account is available for anyone who needs
to use your phone temporarily. You can touch Add user to
create three more user accounts.
Touch next to an account to configure its options. From
there, you can remove the accounts you created.
When a guest user is finished using your phone, he/she can
touch Remove guest in the Users menu to delete all
his/her data from your phone.
Activate location services to determine your location. To use
location-related applications, such as finding your location on
Google Maps, you must have location services turned on on
your phone.
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Location.
2. Slide the switch at the top to turn location services on or off.
3. When location is enabled, touch Mode to select location
sources you want to use.
High accuracy: Get accurate location using both GPS
and Wi-Fi as well as mobile networks.
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