Encrypt phone: Encrypt your data on the phone to protect
your privacy. See Protecting Your Phone With Encryption.
Set up SIM card lock:
Lock SIM card: Activate or deactivate the PIN lock to
require PIN before accessing the micro-SIM card.
Change SIM PIN: Change the PIN used to access the
micro-SIM card.
Put all your confidential passwords in a safe place for future
use. If you enter the wrong SIM PIN more times than
allowed, your micro-SIM card will be locked and you cannot
access the mobile phone network. Contact your operator for
a PIN Unlock Key (PUK) to restore the micro-SIM card.
Make passwords visible: Display passwords as you enter
Device administrators: View or deactivate apps you have
authorized to be device administrators.
Unknown sources: Check this option to permit installation
of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
Auto-start management: Allow apps or forbid them from
auto-start every time the phone powers on.
App permissions: You can turn on this feature to manage
app permissions for security and privacy protection.
Data Protection: Allow you to set an entry pattern to protect
your data on your phone storage and microSDHC card from
unwanted process. See Protecting Your Data.
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