Storage type: Check the credential storage type.
Trusted credentials: Display trusted CA certificates.
Install from phone storage: Install certificates from the
phone storage.
Clear credentials: Delete all certificates.
Trust agents: View or deactivate trust agents.
Screen pinning: Keep a screen of your choice in view, so
that others cannot switch to other apps and access your
personal information. Touch this option to see how it works.
See Protecting Your Phone With Screen Pinning.
Apps with usage access: Turn on or off some apps’
access to your phone usage information.
Manage your accounts and synchronization. Touch Add
account to sign in to or create accounts on your phone.
Touch an account type to see that type of accounts you have
added and adjust the accounts settings.
Language and Input
Language: Select a language and region for your system.
Spell checker: Use Google Spell Checker to check for
spelling errors when entering text.
Personal dictionary: Add new words to the phone’s
dictionary or remove words from the dictionary. The words
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