you add are used for spelling check and word suggestion.
Keyboard & input methods: Configure text input settings.
See Input Method Settings.
Voice input: Select and configure voice input services.
Text-to-speech output:
Preferred engine: Select the speech synthesis engine
you want to use or change its settings.
Speech rate: Select how quickly you want the
synthesizer to speak.
Listen to an example: Play a brief sample of the
speech synthesizer, using your current settings.
Default language status: Check whether the
text-to-speech output feature supports the current
system language.
Pointer speed: Select how fast the pointer/mouse should
scroll when you connect the phone to a trackpad or mouse
Backup and Reset
Back up my data: Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and
other settings to Google servers after you sign in to your
Google account.
Backup account: Set the Google account that the data is
backed up to.
Automatic restore: Restore previously backed up settings
and data when you reinstall an app.
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