Problem Possible causes Possible solution
standby time
The standby time is related
to your service provider
system configuration. The
same phone used with
different service providers’
systems will not provide
exactly the same length of
standby time.
If you are located in an area
where signalling is weak,
temporarily power off the
The battery is depleted. In
high temperature
environments, battery life
will be shortened.
Contact the dealer to
change a new battery.
If you are not able to
connect to the network, the
phone will continue to send
out signals as it attempts to
locate a base station. Doing
so consumes battery power
and will consequently
shorten standby time.
Change your location to one
where the network is
accessible, or temporarily
turn off your phone.
Cannot turn
your phone on
Battery power has been
Recharge the phone’s
card error
micro-SIM card malfunction
or damage
Take the micro-SIM card to
your service provider for
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