To achieve this, use the phone on the opposite ear to your
pacemaker and do not carry it in a breast pocket.
Hearing Aids
People with hearing aids or other cochlear implants may
experience interfering noises when using wireless devices or
when one is nearby.
The level of interference depends on the type of the hearing
device and the distance from the interference source. Increasing
the separation between them may reduce the interference. You
may also consult your hearing aid manufacturer to discuss
Medical Equipment
Switch off your wireless device when you are requested to do
so in hospitals, clinics or health care facilities. These requests
are designed to prevent possible interference with sensitive
medical equipment.
Switch off your wireless device whenever you are instructed to do
so by airport or airline staff.
Consult the airline staff about the use of wireless devices on
board the aircraft and enable aeroplane mode of your phone
when boarding an aircraft.
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