If the battery is extremely low, you may be unable to power on
the phone even when it is being charged. In this case, try again
after charging the phone for at least 20 minutes. Contact the
customer service if you still cannot power on the phone after
prolonged charging.
Extending the Battery Life
Active applications, screen brightness levels, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
usage and GPS functionality can drain your battery. You can
follow the helpful tips below to conserve your battery power:
Reduce the screen backlight time.
Lower the screen brightness.
Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and auto-sync off when not in use.
Disable the GPS function when not in use. Most applications
using this function will periodically query the GPS satellites
for your current location, and each query drains your battery.
Powering On/Off
Press and hold the Power key to turn on your phone.
To turn it off, press and hold the Power key to open the
options menu and touch Power off > OK.
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