Setting Up for the First Time
When you first power on your phone after you purchase it or
reset it to factory settings (see Backup and Reset), you need to
do some settings before using it.
Flick the language field to select the language. Then follow the
prompts to set up Wi-Fi, Google account, Google location and
other options.
Locking/Unlocking the Screen and Keys
Your phone allows you to quickly lock the screen and keys (put
the phone to sleep mode) when not in use and to turn the screen
back on and unlock it when you need it.
To lock the screen and keys:
To quickly turn the screen off and lock the keys, press the Power
To save battery power, the phone automatically turns off the
screen after a certain period of time when you leave it idle. You
will still be able to receive messages and calls while the phone
screen is off.
To unlock the screen and keys:
1. Press the Power key to turn the screen on.
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