Touch the Home key > > Settings > Sound &
notification > Interruptions > When calls and
notifications arrive, and touch Don’t interrupt to switch the
phone to silent mode.
In addition to silent mode and vibration, you can also allow
priority apps to send out notifications when you switch the phone
to priority interruption mode.
Applying New Wallpapers
You can set the wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen.
1. Touch and hold an empty place on the home screen and then
2. Slide left or right on the wallpaper panel to select a wallpaper
or animation, or touch Pick image to choose the image you
want to use as the wallpaper. Pinch on the image to crop it if
3. Touch Set wallpaper.
In addition, you can touch the Home key > > Settings >
Display > Wallpaper to pick an image from Gallery, Photos or
Wallpapers, or an animation from Live Wallpaper.
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