Changing Screen Brightness
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Display >
Brightness level.
2. Drag the slider to manually adjust the screen brightness.
Your phone can automatically adjust the screen brightness for
available light. Touch Adaptive brightness in the Display
settings screen to turn the feature on or off.
Protecting Your Phone With Screen
You can protect your phone by creating a screen lock. When it is
enabled, you need to swipe up on the screen, speak a voice
command, draw a pattern or enter a numeric PIN or password to
unlock the phone’s screen and keys.
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Security > Screen
2. Touch Swipe, Voice Unlock, Pattern, PIN or Password.
Touch Swipe to enable screen lock and allow unlock with
a ‘swipe’ gesture. You can unlock the screen by swiping
up on the screen.
Touch Voice Unlock to let the phone record your voice
commands. You can unlock the screen or open a few
applications by speaking your unlock command or wake
up command. You also need to set a pattern or PIN in
case the phone cannot recognize your voice.
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