Touch Pattern to create a pattern you must draw to
unlock the screen.
Touch PIN or Password to set a numeric PIN or a
password that you must enter to unlock your screen.
You can also choose to protect your phone before it starts up by
requiring your unlock pattern, PIN or password. This helps you to
protect data in case your phone is lost or stolen.
3. For Voice, Pattern, PIN, or Password lock, select how you
want notifications and their contents to show when the phone
is locked. Then touch DONE.
If you forget the pattern you set, you need to upgrade the phone
Protecting Your Phone With Encryption
You can encrypt all the data on your phone: Google accounts,
application data, music and other media, downloaded information,
and so on. If you have a screen lock on your phone, you must
draw a unlock pattern, or enter a numeric PIN or a password
each time you power on your phone to decrypt it.
Encryption is irreversible. The only way to revert to an
unencrypted phone is to perform a factory data reset, which
erases all your data.
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