Encryption provides additional protection in case your phone is
stolen, and may be required or recommended in some
organizations. Consult your system administrator before turning it
on. In many cases the pattern, PIN or password you set for
encryption is controlled by the system administrator.
Before turning on encryption, prepare as follows:
Set a lock screen pattern, PIN or password.
Charge the battery.
Keep the phone connected to the charger.
Schedule an hour or more for the encryption process: you
must not interrupt it or you will lose some or all of your data.
When you're ready to turn on encryption:
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Security > Encrypt
2. Read the information about encryption carefully.
The ENCRYPT PHONE button is dimmed if your battery is
not charged or your phone's not plugged in.
If you change your mind about encrypting your phone, touch
the Back key.
If you interrupt the encryption process, you will lose data.
4. Draw your lock screen pattern or enter your PIN or password,
and touch NEXT.
5. Touch ENCRYPT PHONE again.
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