The encryption process starts. Encryption can take an hour or
more, during which time your phone may restart several times.
When encryption is completed, you're prompted to draw the
unlock pattern, or enter the PIN or password.
Subsequently, you must draw the unlock pattern, enter the PIN or
password each time you power on your phone in order to decrypt it.
Protecting Your Phone With Screen
You can use the screen pinning feature to keep an app in view,
so others cannot switch to other apps or access your personal
Turn On Screen Pinning
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Security > Screen
2. Touch the On/Off switch.
3. If you want to ask for the unlock pattern, PIN or password
before unpinning the screen, touch Lock device when
unpinning to set one, or switch on Ask for unlock pattern /
PIN / password before unpinning when the screen lock has
been set.
Pin a Screen
1. Ensure that screen pinning is turned on.
2. Open the app you want to keep in view.
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