3. Touch the Recent apps key.
4. If there are many app tabs, swipe up to find on the
front-most tab.
5. Touch .
Unpin the Screen
To unpin the screen and return to normal use, touch and hold the
Back key.
If you have asked for the unlock pattern, PIN or password before
unpinning the screen, swipe up on the lock screen and draw the
pattern or enter the PIN/password.
Protecting Your Data
You can set an entry pattern and lock your data files on your
phone to protect them from unwanted process. To view or open
the locked files, you need to draw the entry pattern first.
To set the entry pattern:
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Security > Data
2. Draw the entry pattern and touch CONTINUE.
3. Redraw the pattern and touch CONFIRM.
If you forget your entry pattern, you cannot get the locked files
any more.
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