To open the notification panel, swipe your finger down on the
home screen or from the top of the screen.
To close the notification panel, swipe your finger up on the
screen or touch the Back key.
Respond to or Remove a Notification
In the notification panel, you can respond to a notification or
remove the notifications. The notification panel also supports
expandable notifications that let you perform additional actions
right from the notification itself.
To respond to a notification, just touch it.
Slide down with one finger to expand certain notifications.
You can also swipe two fingers vertically or pinch-zoom to
expand or collapse certain notifications.
To remove a notification, swipe it left or right.
To remove all notifications, touch below all the
To manage notifications you have received, touch and hold a
notification to identify the application that created it. You can
then touch and enable Block to hide future notifications
from this app, or enable Priority to show them in priority
If you turn off notifications for an app, you may miss its important
alerts and updates. The notifications of some apps cannot be
turned off.
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