Use Quick Settings
The Quick Settings make it convenient to view or change the
most common settings for your phone.
Open the notification panel and drag the panel downwards to find
the following Quick Settings on the screen.
Brightness: Drag the brightness slider to adjust the screen
Wi-Fi: Touch to turn on or off Wi-Fi. To open Wi-Fi settings,
touch the Wi-Fi network name.
Bluetooth: Touch to turn on or off Bluetooth. To open
Bluetooth settings, touch the word “Bluetooth”.
Mobile data: Touch to view the mobile data usage, enable or
disable data access over the mobile network, and access
more settings.
Aeroplane mode: Touch to turn on or off aeroplane mode.
Auto-rotate/Portrait: Touch to turn on or off the auto-rotate
screen feature.
Location: Touch to turn location services on or off.
Hotspot: Touch to turn on or off Wi-Fi hotspot.
Audio profiles: Touch to select a predefined profile: General,
Silent, Meeting or Outdoor.
In the Quick Settings screen, touch at the top to get to the
Settings menu; touch the battery icon to open the battery
settings screen; touch to switch users.
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