3. Touch > Advanced > Wi-Fi Direct. Your phone will search
for other devices enabled with Wi-Fi Direct connections.
4. Touch a device name under Peer devices to connect with it.
The other device will receive a connection prompt and need
to accept the request for connection. Both devices may need
to enter a common PIN.
5. Once connected the device is displayed as “Connected” in
the Peer devices list.
Send Data via Wi-Fi Direct
1. Open the appropriate application and select the file or item
you want to share.
2. Select the option for sharing via Wi-Fi Direct. The method
may vary by application and data type.
3. Touch a device the phone has connected with or wait for it to
search for new devices and touch one of them.
Receive Data via Wi-Fi Direct
When an attempt to transfer data via Wi-Fi Direct is received, you
can see a notification in the status bar. Open the notification
panel, touch the notification and select ACCEPT to start
receiving the data.
Received files are stored automatically in a dedicated folder
(WiFiShare, for instance). You can access them with the File
Manager app.
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