Forget a Bluetooth Device
You can make your phone forget its pairing connection with
another Bluetooth device. To connect to the device again, you
need to search it and enter or confirm a passkey again.
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Bluetooth and
ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.
2. In the list of paired devices, touch the icon beside the
Bluetooth device you want to forget.
3. Touch FORGET.
Send Data via Bluetooth
1. Open the appropriate application and select the file or item
you want to share.
2. Select the option for sharing via Bluetooth. The method may
vary by application and data type.
3. Touch a Bluetooth device the phone has paired with or wait
for it to search for new devices and touch one of them.
Receive Data via Bluetooth
1. Turn Bluetooth on before trying to receive data via Bluetooth.
2. Flick down the status bar and touch .
3. Touch ACCEPT to start receiving the data.
Depending on your storage setting and whether a microSDHC
card is installed, received files are stored automatically in a
dedicated folder (Bluetooth, for instance) in the phone storage or
microSDHC card. You can access them with the File Manager
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