Connecting to Your Computer via USB
You can connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable and
transfer music, pictures, and other files in both directions. Your
phone stores these files in the phone storage or on a removable
microSDHC card.
Connect Your Phone to a Computer via USB
1. Connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable.
2. Open the notification panel and touch .
3. Choose one of the following options:
USB storage: Transfer files between PC and the
microSDHC card on your phone.
After selecting USB storage, you need to open the
notification panel and touch USB connected > TURN ON
USB STORAGE to turn on the USB mass storage mode.
Media device (MTP): Transfer files on Windows® or
For Windows XP, please install the drivers and Media
Player 11 (or later version) when you use Media device
(MTP) for the first time.
Camera (PTP): Transfer photos using camera software.
Charge only: Charge your phone via USB.
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