Sharing Your Mobile Data Connection
You can share your phone’s data capabilities through tethering or
by activating the mobile hotspot feature to create a portable Wi-Fi
Share Your Mobile Data Connection via USB
You can access the Internet on your computer via the USB
tethering feature of your phone. The feature needs data
connection on a mobile network and may result in data charges.
You cannot transfer files between the phone and the PC when
the phone is USB tethered.
1. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
2. Touch the Home key > > Settings > More > Tethering
& portable hotspot.
3. Touch Hotspot & tethering settings to select IPv4 or IPv4 &
IPv6 for tethering if needed.
4. Switch on USB tethering. A new network connection will be
created on your computer.
To stop sharing your data connection, switch off USB tethering
or disconnect the USB cable.
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