Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on: Choose to turn the Wi-Fi hotspot
off automatically when it is idle for certain time or to keep
it always on.
Set up Wi-Fi hotspot:
- Network name: Enter or edit a network SSID (name)
that other devices see when scanning for Wi-Fi
- Security: Choose a security option: None (not
recommended) or WPA2 PSK (other users can access
your mobile hotspot only if they enter the correct
password). When you select WPA2 PSK, touch the
Password field to edit the security password.
- Password: Edit the security password.
- RESET OOB: Reset the network SSID, security and
password to default settings.
- Maximum connections: Set the maximum number of
devices that can connect to the hotspot simultaneously.
WPS connect: Set Push button or PIN from client as
the Wi-Fi protected setup mode and touch CONNECT.
Bandwidth usage: Check the Wi-Fi hotspot real-time
data speed, time of duration and total of used data. You
can check Enable bandwidth throttling to set the data
speed limit.
Connected users: Check the connected users or block
Blocked users: Check the blocked users or unblock
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