Phone Calls
You can place calls from the Phone app, the Contacts app, or
other apps or widgets that display contact information. Wherever
you see a phone number, you can usually touch it to dial.
Placing and Ending Calls
Place a Call by Dialling
1. Touch the Home key > .
2. Touch and enter the phone number with the on-screen
keypad. Touch to delete incorrect digits.
As you enter digits, your phone searches for contacts that
match. If you see the number you want to dial, touch it to place
the call immediately without entering the rest of the number.
3. Touch below the keypad to dial.
You can also touch the search box at the top of the Phone app
screen and enter the phone number or contact name you want to
call. Touch the matching contact or Call [number] to place the
To make an international call, touch and hold the 0 key to enter
the plus (+) symbol. Next, enter the country code, followed by the
city/area code and then the phone number.
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