You can also drag over to reject the call and select a
preset text message or edit one to send to the caller.
- or -
If the screen is unlocked, touch DISMISS to reject the call.
To edit the preset text response from within the Phone app, touch
in the top search field and select Settings > General > Quick
Working With the Call History
The call history is a list of all the calls you've placed, received, or
missed. It provides a convenient way to redial a number, return a
call, or add a number to your contacts.
To open the call history, you can touch the Home key > >
(in the top search field) > Call History.
Place a Call From the Call History
1. Open the call history.
2. Touch a number and then touch CALL BACK or REDIAL to
place the call.
You can touch MISSED or ALL to filter the records by call type.
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