Add a Number From Call History as a Contact
1. Open the call history.
2. Touch the contact icon in front of a number.
3. Touch on the contact information tab.
4. To add the number to an existing contact, touch a contact in
the list. To add a new contact, touch Create new contact.
Take Other Actions on a Call History Entry
Open the call history, touch a number and then touch DETAILS
to view more call information.
Touch to delete the entry.
While viewing the call details, touch > Edit number before
call to edit the number in the dialer before calling it.
Touch the contact icon in front of the entry to open the contact
information tab from the bottom, where you can send a
message, call back, edit the contact, add the contact to
favorites, or add the number to contacts.
You can touch > Clear call history in the call history screen to
delete all history records.
Calling Your Contacts
1. Touch the Home key > . Your favourite contacts and
frequently called contacts are displayed in the SPEED DIAL
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