Adding or Removing Accounts
You can add multiple Google accounts and Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync® accounts. You may also add other kinds of
accounts, depending on the apps installed on your phone.
Add an Account
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Accounts > Add
2. Touch the type of account you want to add.
3. Follow the onscreen steps to enter the information about the
account. Most accounts require a username and password,
but the details may vary. You may also need to obtain some
information from IT support or your system administrator.
When the account is successfully added, it is displayed in the
Accounts menu.
Remove an Account
Removing an account will delete it and all information associated
with it from your phone, such as emails and contacts.
1. Touch the Home key > > Settings > Accounts.
2. Touch the account category and then touch the account.
3. Touch > Remove account > REMOVE ACCOUNT.
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