Delete an Email
You can delete an email from its folder. You can also delete a
batch of emails.
While reading a message, touch .
While in a message list (for instance, the Inbox), touch the
sender images before the messages and then touch .
If you accidentally delete one, touch UNDO to retrieve it.
Writing and Sending an Email
1. Open your email inbox and touch .
If you have more than one email account added on the
phone, touch the sender line to select the account you want
to use for sending the message.
2. Enter a contact name or email address in the ‘To’ field.
Separate each recipient with a comma.
To send a carbon copy or blind carbon copy to other
recipients, touch to open the Cc/Bcc field and enter the
contact names or email addresses.
3. Enter the email subject and compose the email text.
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