3. Touch the Type text message field and enter the message
4. If you want to send a multimedia message, touch > Add
subject to add a message subject or touch to attach a
file or a slideshow to the message.
5. Touch or SEND.
You can also include email addresses as recipients for
multimedia messages.
Do not add a message subject or any attachment if you want to
send a text message. Otherwise you may be charged for a
multimedia message.
Replying to a Message
Messages you receive are appended to existing threads of the
same number. If the new message comes from a new number,
a new thread is created.
1. On the Messaging screen, touch the thread that has the
message you want to reply to.
2. Type your reply in the text box at the bottom. You can touch
if you want to reply with an MMS.
3. Touch or SEND.
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