Calendar on the phone works with the web-based Google
Calendar™ service for creating and managing events,
meetings, and appointments. It also works with the Microsoft
Exchange ActiveSync calendar once you sign into your
Exchange account on the phone.
To open Calendar, touch in the home screen and select
Viewing Your Calendars and Events
Select Visible Calendars
1. Open the Calendar app.
2. Touch > Calendars to display.
3. Touch the calendars to check the ones you want to see or
uncheck the ones you’d like to hide.
Events from hidden calendars are not shown in the Calendar app.
Change Calendar Views
You can view your calendars in different forms. The app offers
four view types: Month, Week, Day, and Agenda.
To change calendar views, touch the time period shown at the
top left and select the view you prefer. You can also change to
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