Day view from Month view by touching any day in the monthly
In Month view, swipe vertically to see previous and future
In Week or Day view, swipe horizontally to see previous and
future weeks/days.
When you are viewing past or future days, weeks, or
months, touch the date icon at the top right to quickly switch
to today.
View Event Details
In Agenda, Day, or Week view, touch an event to view its
In Month view, touch a day to switch to Day view or Agenda
view. Then touch an event to view its details.
Creating an Event
1. In any Calendar view, touch > New event.
You can also touch a spot in Day or Week view twice to add
an event to that time block.
2. If you have more than one calendar account, touch the
current account above the Event name line to choose one.
3. Enter the event details and touch DONE.
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