Instruction Manual
1. Using the required video cable (not included), connect the presentation hub to your
VGA or HDMI display.
Note: The VGA and HDMI outputs cannot operate at the same time. If ports are
connected to a display only the HDMI port will function.
2. Connect the included power adapter from your presentation hub to a power outlet.
3. Press the power button on the presentation hub, to turn it on.
4. After a few moments the main screen will be displayed.
Boardroom Collaboration mode
Boardroom collaboration mode enables you to intuitively share your boardroom
display between multiple computer systems.
Note: To share the display in Boardroom Collaboration mode, you must install the
nScreenShare Software on any computer you intend to share the screen of.
Install nScreenShare on your computer
1. Download the latest version of the nScreenShare software from
Note: Please ensure you have extracted the zip le before continuing with the
installation steps.
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