Instruction Manual
2. Launch the nScreenShare application on your computer.
a. Double click the icon for the nScreenShare, this will display a login screen with
“Select Server” and “Login Code” dialog boxes.
Note: The Select Server dialog box will already be populated as the software will
automatically detect your presentation hub through your Wireless NIC.
b. Enter the Login Code that’s located on the launch screen of your HDMI display,
and press OK, to launch the nScreenShare application.
3. Dene an administrative computer by setting the nScreenShare application on that
computer into Conference Mode.
Note: Once a user’s computer has been placed into Conference Mode, there are two
types of roles within the software: Administration and client. It’s the administrator’s
responsibility to control which client will be actively presenting their screen through
the presentation hub.
a. Using the computer you’d like to designate as the Administrator, click the menu
followed by Enable Conference Mode.
-> Enable Conference mode
b. The rst person to connect to the nScreenShare software, will automatically be
programed as Administration. A dialog box will appear requesting Administrator
login credentials. Please enter the below information:
Username: admin
Password: adminpwd
Then click okay.
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