Instruction manual
Mount the wall shelf
Warning! Before you mount the wall shelf, make sure that the mounting surface is
sturdy enough to support the weight of the WALLSHELF4U plus the weight of the
equipment that you intend to install into the rack.
The weight capacity of the WALLSHELF4U is 34 kg (75 lb.).
1. If you need to use the mounting template (8) provided, remove the adhesive
backing from the mounting template and adhere the template to the location on
the wall where you want to hang the WALLSHELF4U. (igure 7)
2. Wood screws are provided with the WALLSHELF4U, but the wood screws may not
be the appropriate mounting hardware for the type of wall you’re using. Select
the mounting hardware that is appropriate for the material and condition of your
mounting surface.
3. Hold the wall shelf against the wall and insert the mounting hardware through the
four mounting holes in the WALLSHELF4U and screw them into the wall.
Warning! The WALLSHELF4U features four mounting holes and you must use all four of
the mounting holes when you attach the WALLSHELF4U to the wall.
igure 7
Mounting hole
Mounting template
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